Chef Matt, Bio

Matt has worked professionally in the food industry since 2002, and at Rivals Sports Grille since 2012. He was originally hired as a line cook and quickly received promotions to lead line cook, Sous Chef and now, Head Chef. Matt has also worked as a Sous Chef for the prestigious Hard Rock International brand and also in food manufacturing. Matt believes strongly that his experience in all aspects of the food industry has brought the big picture together for him. “How to focus on the small details. Such as how one or two ingredients in a dish can really make it shine, how to keep things simple, yet interesting, and how to work with the seasons in Cleveland, Ohio.” Currently, Matt has taken on the challenge of creating elegant and vibrant dishes in a wide variety of culinary styles, that is the signature of Rivals Sports Grille.

“We try to put our twist on dishes here at Rivals. We separate our selves from the competition while maintaining quality, passion, and elegance. That is why I believe Rivals has been so successful. We strive to bring the most quality ingredients to Rivals. Our guests want the freshest ingredients possible and at the highest quality. I believe we do a great job of that.”

Matt’s vast menu of elevated American cuisine includes Chicken and Waffles, Street Tacos, Southwest Salad, Nashville Hot Chicken and Gourmet Burgers. “I try to cover all the American comfort foods while being simple, yet elegant. You have to be able to adapt to the customer’s wants and needs whether it be vegetarian, gluten-free, allergen or nutritional. ” Matt goes on to say, “I only want to put the best food in front of you every day, so when you visit us again next time, you’re excited to try something new or just stick to the same thing over, and over. My passion for this industry and pleasing your palate is what makes me most excited, day in and day out!”

Matt is a husband and father who enjoys his free time with his family. Whether it be going to the park, pool, or casino with his wife, he always talks about being the best husband and father he can be, which is always first in his head. He also enjoys fishing with his father and competitive sports such as beach volleyball, flag football, and softball. “I Enjoy planning vacations and such with my family because it makes us look forward to relaxation without stress from all of the hard work we do all year round.”          -Matt